The Research Process

Our consultative research approach is proactive and “hands-on.”  We consistently source, develop and introduce excellent candidates using our 8-stage process.

1.     Establish client market position – Define and agree an Assignment Brief outlining the scope and focus of the research including job profiling and analysis.

2.     Develop position specification – Define precisely the position and the necessary personal qualities, professional skills and experience level required for the position.

3.     Investigate competitive markets – Research into synergistic markets and draw up list of target companies.

4.     Map departmental structures – Gather information on organisational management structures of target companies.

5.     Identify potential candidates – Ascertain names of individuals within the departmental structure.

6.     Initiate Candidate approach – We approach the most relevant candidates with a view to encouraging them to progress their interest.

7.     Forward candidate CV and report and final Research Status Report – We prepare a written report on each of the relevant candidates.  The report outlines candidates’ career histories and achievements, confirms salaries and provides an assessment of their availability and suitability for the position.

8.     Final Report Presentation – In concluding the research process a full report outlining the research activity is submitted.

We guide the research process as it develops and submit unique Research Status Reports on a weekly basis or to agreed schedules.

A valuable by-product of this process can be an evaluation of how the client is perceived by others in its industry.  We apply our maturity, judgment and experience to ensure a successful outcome.